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Space technologies needs 15 to 20 years to be implemented into space.
This is too long.
You can go way faster, thanks to knowledge and expertise. Do you need to gain efficiency in your projects related to space?
AT SAT4SPACE   Space Project developments ARE easy and efficient.


SAT4SPACE is a R&D and Consultancy company, able to drive your optics and photonics systems towards space. Funded in 2022, with a team with a strong background in space engineering, optics, photonics, semiconductor, and business development, it is specialised in bringing innovative space systems to life in different fields such as environmental remote sensing, navigation, landing, spacecraft in-orbit servicing, and quantum telecommunications. When needed, we can bring our own network partners in complementary fields such as data processing, business analysis or technology adoption, to accelerate the developments of your technologies and product.

Our team
Space detector
Yoanna-Reine Nowicki-Bringuier

Yoanna holds a Ph.D. in Material Sciences specializing in Quantum Optics from University Grenoble Alpes and is an Engineering graduate from Ecole Centrale Paris in 2004. With 15+ years of experience, she has excelled in various roles.

After her Ph-D where she studied III-V semiconductor single photon sources for ultra-low threshold lasers and quantum computing applications, she joined Lynred in 2008 where she successfully led the PRISMA mission’s Hyperspectral SWIR detector developments, up to TRL8, for Leonardo and the Italian Space Agency satellites. The mission is now in operation and provides beautiful imagery for Earth Observation Applications. She also worked on various topics such as low flux imagers and MTG IRS detectors developments.

In 2011 she joined the Technical Center of the European Space Agency (ESTEC) in the Netherlands where she oversaw detector developments for several missions. She worked on various technologies from Visible CMOS and CCDs developments up to various Infra-Red detectors (MCT, III-V, T2SL…) and was involved in several impactful missions such as Sentinel 4, Solar Orbiter EUI, 3MI on board Metop-SG, and JUICE among others. With a strong connection with the Earth Observation department and the Science and Exploration department of ESA, she initiated and followed several low TRL technological developments (p-channel CCDs, European Visible CMOS Image Sensor, MCT detectors developments).

In 2014 she then joined CEA-Léti where she worked on several optronic systems developments using innovative technologies developed at CEA-Leti : atomic He3 magnetometers, ultra-sensitive LIDARs for navigation and landing applications; she took the lead of the joint laboratory between Lynred and CEA-Léti.

In 2022, after a few years where she ran the Open Laboratories of the Centre for Sciences of Grenoble, a structure dedicated to Open Innovation, she funded SAT4SPACE, with the objective of accelerating space technologies developments, using a strong multi-actor approach.

She is also deeply involved in promoting gender diversity into deep technology fields and Science, and as such she participates to the creation of NEMOW Venture, a venture builder dedicated to deep tech and supporting women led companies. She is a member of the Industri’Elles group, a French collective dedicated to promoting gender diversity in industry.

Jan Vermeiren

Jan Vermeiren graduated from the University of Leuven in 1979 as Academic engineer with speciality micro-electronics. Following his studies he was research assistant at KU Leuven, developing 2D analog filters and optimizing the CCD process.

His dissertation and PhD research was instrumental for the creation of 2 Flemish companies: Elbicon, now part of Tomra, and Traficon, now part of FLIR.

In 1984 he joined imec, Leuven, where he was responsible for the CCD and CMOS group, developing ROICs (CCD as well as CMOS) for Infrared imagers. Major realisations were made with AIM-Heilbronn, Elettronica – Roma, MBB – Munich, ETH – Zurich and for the ISOPHOT instrument.

In 1994 he joined OIP-Delft Instruments, where he was responsible for the Belgian R&D activities and for the product management of night vision equipment for the detached solder and for weapon sites.

In 2000 he was co-founder and CTO of Xenics, Leuven, responsible for the development of InGaAs SWIR image sensors and cameras as well as for uncooled thermal cameras.

In 2010, he became scientific advisor and business development manager, where he was managing several FP7, Eurostars and Horizon 2020 projects in the field of plasmonics, hyperspectral imaging and radiation hardening. He developed also the image sensors for Egyptsat-1, Sich-2, Eartchcare (both BBR and MSI) and Proba-V.

In 2015 he joined Caeleste in Mechelen, Belgium as partner and Business Development Manager. He grew the company from a turn-over of 2 M€ to 10 M€. The main developed market segments are Space & Scientific image sensors, Industrial imagers, Photonic devices for Medical and life science and ToF based automotive sensors. He is specialized in Gamma and X-ray imaging, Electron detectors and UV, Visible and NIR detectors.


Dr. Rita NAJJAR holds a PhD in “Nanotechnology & Material Science” from University-Grenoble I (France) and is a senior “Sustainable Energy and Environment” expert. She has developed a solid technical knowledge and a deep expertise (15+ years) in semiconductor applications, renewable energies, energy efficiency, waste management, and green buildings.

During her career, she has acquired technical and managerial skills. She is also a trainer in her fields of expertise.

Between 2009 and 2011, Dr. NAJJAR was involved in several research and development projects dealing with Semiconductors, Renewable Energy (RE) Technologies and Innovation at CEA-France in collaboration with several international partners.

In 2011, Dr. NAJJAR joined the Lebanese Association for Energy Saving and for Environment (ALMEE) working as a manager and key expert on European funded projects dealing with energy efficiency, photovoltaic installations and waste management facilities.

Dr. NAJJAR is currently the leader of the circular economy division at ALMEE, and is in charge of international cooperation between ALMEE and International institutions such as ADEME, IMEDER, MEDENER, etc.

Dr. NAJJAR is also a full-time associate professor at the Lebanese University-Faculty of Sciences and a member of the organizing committee of the International Conference on Renewable Energy for Developing Countries (REDEC) since its establishment in 2014. She has authored more than 15 refereed scientific papers in well renowned international journals and conferences.

At SAT4SPACE we ...
We believe deeply in the benefit of collaboration and co-construction of projects.

Through our partnerships, we can construct larger and customized projects, from hardware to data up to economical trade-offs.

We collaborate and aggregate several actors to be more innovative and embark you in larger projects.

Thanks to our deep expertise and a strong and confident relationship with our partners, we are able to drive and extend the scope of our expertise to cover a large range of needs and perform the necessary trade-offs from technical up to economical and market trade-offs.

SAT4SPACE : A strong Network of experts

Our network of experts enables us to build high added value projects ! 

Our Values

At SAT4SPACE, we believe that Science and Technology can bring unvaluable progress to humanity in the discovery and understanding of our planet and our universe.

  • Integrity : We uphold the highest standards of ethics, honesty, and transparency in all our endeavors.
  • Excellence : We strive for excellence in everything we do, delivering quality outcomes that exceed expectations.
  • Transmission : We believe in the power of common knowledge and transmission, working closely with clients to improve their own knowledge of the field
  • Innovation : We embrace innovation and creativity to drive positive change and deliver impactful solutions.
Our Approach

Our unique approach to services is based on our large expertise and makes a real difference in the industry.

  • Methodology : we developed a specific framework, tools, and strategies to address client needs effectively
  • Client-Centric Focus : Our priority is to understand your business challenges and tailor our solutions to meet your specific objectives
  • Continuous Improvement : We are committed to ongoing learning, innovation, and staying abreast of industry trends to better serve you
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