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Consulting plays an essential role to support new technologies and achieve operational efficiency in a competitive landscape.

Whether you 

Start-ups and Non-Space SMEs who wants to develop a space technology, base on optics and opto-electronics.

Ranges from :
Key optical components : detectors, lasers, fiber optics, optics and coatings, PIC based technologies etc….

Up to :
optics-based instrument concepts : imagers, spectrometers, radiometers, LIDARs for telemetry, quantum instrumentation, quantum communications systems etc….

Space Technologies Consulting
We can help you.
With our consulting offers, we support you and bring you to space in no time.

For companies outside of the field, with very low TRL space level (TRL1/2) who want to have a first view on where to go in space. We :

  • Highlight your main technological strengths
  • Map the potential fields where your technology could be applied in the space domain
  • Suggest a first preliminary development plan for your technology to reach this domain
15k€ Exc. Taxes

For companies who are starting to develop a space product, after /on the edge of a fund raise (PreSeed- Seed- Serie A stages) who wish to take off their space products and need guidance. We offer a regular, yearly, support, which can be tailored to your needs and budget.

Example of topic that can be covered :

  • Support to develop your space product (development plan, planning, suppliers identification, specifying your suppliers to match space constraints etc…)
  • Support in finding the complementary institutional fundings (ESA, EC, etc….)
  • Help you identify space missions compatible with your product

Your company won a project with a Prime or an Institution (ESA, National Agency) and needs expert senior support to implement it successfully. Whatever your maturity level, we can support you (TRL1/2 to TRL8).

Quotation depending on the size of the project


Most of consultancy companies are addressing a very wide range of technologies and domains, with non specialised consultants. As a consequence, they strive to address deep technologies and complex systems, and fail to understand the uniqueness of your technologies or concepts. When added the complexity of the space sector, very few companies are able to support you.

With our senior background expertise with a willingness to disrupt and bring new concept to space, we are able to provide you the right direction and support.

Our unique value rely in …

Solution for space projects
If you are interested, Contact us! We will be happy to discuss your specific project and see how it can match with our offers.
Space Technologies Consulting

Space Technologies Consulting

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Space Technologies Consulting: Expert guidance to advance your optics and space tech projects and innovations with efficiency! Meet our Expert Space Consulting!