Understanding Space Detectors: A Guide to Informed Decision-Making
About the training

Detectors technology are one of the main Key Enabling Technology in space. Join us for a comprehensive training designed to provide participants a deeper understanding of space detectors and equip them with the knowledge necessary for making informed decisions in space missions.

In this 3-hour session, attendees will :

Participants will gain valuable insights into the considerations involved in choosing the right detectors for various space missions. Moreover, they will explore future trends and innovations in detector technology, paving the way for exciting possibilities in the field of space exploration.

Whether you are a scientist, engineer, or space enthusiast, this training offers a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge.

Target audience

General audience interested in space technology, system engineers who want to design space instruments based on space detectors, component or material manufacturers who sell their component to detectors manufacturers and want to understand better the main characteristics of such devices, scientists using images and want to understand better detectors caracteristics.

Training duration
3 hours online
Where ?
Online (onsite customized version possible upon request)
Number of attendees


3- Training Agenda
  • Overview of the workshop objectives and agenda,
  • Importance of space detectors in various applications,
  • Brief introduction to different types of space detectors.
  • Explanation of basic principles underlying space detectors,
  • Types of signals detected in space (e.g., electromagnetic radiation, particles),
  • Discussion on sensor technologies used in space detectors.
  • Factors influencing the choice of space detectors (e.g., mission objectives, environment, budget),
  • Case studies illustrating successful detector selection processes,
  • Hands-on activity: Group discussion on hypothetical mission scenarios and appropriate detector choices.
  • Overview of emerging technologies in space detection,
  • Discussion on the potential impact of advancements in detector technology on future space missions,
  • Q&A session with participants to explore their insights and perspectives on future trends.​
  • Summary of key takeaways from the workshop,
  • Closing remarks
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Your speaker
Space detector
Yoanna-Reine Nowicki-Bringuier
Yoanna holds a Ph.D. in Material Sciences specializing in Quantum Optics and is an Engineering graduate from Ecole Centrale Paris. With over 15 years of experience, she has excelled in various roles, including at Lynred in the detector industry, CEA-Léti in technological research, and as a former Technical Officer at the European Space Agency (ESA).
Yoanna led several successful detector developments for space missions : From PRISMA hyperspectral SWIR detectors to the supervision of developments for Sentinel 2, Sentinel 4, Sentinel 5p, Solar Orbiter EUI…. She has also initiated technological developments on Visible CMOS image sensors, p-channel CCDs, and LIDAR for landing applications. With expertise from component to system levels, Yoanna offers a comprehensive understanding of detector challenges for space applications, making her insights invaluable for navigating complex optical system
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Online version workshop

1 to 10 attendees from you organisation

Customized On-site version
Quotation upon request

training tailored to your needs : several days training “à la carte” or training at your premises

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